Cannabis SEO Strategy With 5 Steps

Whether you are only deciding on creating a CBD website, setting up it, or already having one, this article will be useful for you. In this post, we are going to reveal how to develop a cannabis CBD SEO strategy to promote your website and make it visible to search engines. We would like to caution you that creating a strategy is a task, that requires a systematic approach. So, meet the 5 steps below to develop an efficient marijuana SEO strategy!

Step 1 – Conduct An SEO Audit On Your Website

The first step to making an efficient SEO strategy cannabis is to conduct an SEO audit on your website. Nonetheless, what does it mean, and how to do it? So, the conduction of an SEO audit is the detection of all the SEO defaults and errors, that may impact negatively the website user experience and low your rank in a search engine. The step of auditing is an essential part of developing a CBD SEO strategy and reveals such issues:

  • The technical gaps of SEO optimization.
  • The nuances of website structure and internal links.
  • The experience of users.
  • On-page and off-page nuances.
  • Content provisions

Take care of this step, because a correct SEO audit will support you with insights, and high ranking, and will better the overall traffic.

Step 2 – Perform Keyword Research

The second step for developing an efficient SEO strategy is to perform keyword research. Why it matters? The availability of keyboards and their usage impact the “health” of the website and the experience of users with your platform. One of the first things you should do is to develop the semantic core and find out the primary and secondary keywords or long tails.

Besides, long tail phrases are the most efficient in SEO optimization because such ones are more specific and have low competition. It’s vital to use phrases, that aren’t only popular but have low competition as well. If you follow this strategy, Google will promote your website on a search results page.

Step 3 – Optimize Metadata: Page, Titles & Description

The third step is orientated more toward a local SEO strategy. To develop a perfect SEO strategy, you will have to work on a Google-facing part: back-end code, metadata, etc. There is nothing to hassle with in optimizing website pages, descriptions, and titles.

Firstly, you should consider a title, which Google will show on a page of results for a search query. Then, write a brief and clear description, that will be visible on a result page as well. Remember to use the primary keyword in the title and the long tail in the description to up your website rate. As you could guess, completing this step requires an understanding of HTML because you will have to write the titles & descriptions into the special gaps in code.

Step 4 – Develop Your Content Strategy

It’s time to work on the content and develop the content strategy. To complete this part, you should equip the CBD website with an extensive SEO and usage of keywords. The development of an SEO content strategy will support making your site visible in search engine rankings. At this point, it will be useful to hire a copywriter, that knows how to make SEO-optimized content.

Step 5 – Regular Keyword Tracking & Competitor Analysis

After you completed the already mentioned steps, you should monitor the website, bearing in mind these points: 

  • Reports on keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and online visibility.
  • The audition of backlink.
  • Content updates.

Additionally, we also recommend controlling the points of KPIs or key performance indicators: keyword rankings, bounce rate, the spent time on a website, and quantity of viewed pages per visit, etc. Always remember to monitor the sites of your competitors as well to find some ideas for promoting your marijuana business.

Summing Up

So, the development of a dispensary SEO strategy requires a systematic approach. You have to work on all parts of your website to make it optimized: HTML code, content, auditing, research, etc. In this post, we mentioned 5-step guidance to help you with this task and clarify the process of proceeding with the CBD strategy for your business.

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