How To Plan A Perfect Website Structure For Your Cannabis Business

A perfect website structure is an essential part of a marketing strategy to promote every business, especially if you aim to sell. In this article, we are going to reveal how to develop a useful structure for a cannabis website and what are the top trends for cannabis business SEO. Follow the reading and discover how to build CBD SEO and how to build an SEO friendly website structure in 5 steps right below!

Step #1 – Perform Market Research

First, you have to perform market research. The market research aims to compare the leading websites of CBD businesses and understand why people buy cannabis in their stores. It will be useful to compare the designs, SEO structure, content, etc.

We propose you perform market research in 5 steps:

  1. Specify the research purpose and develop the corresponding research questions.
  2. Find the main competitors for your CBD website.
  3. Analyze the structure of competitors’ websites: SEO, blog, content, etc.
  4. Sum up the data of research following the points below:
    1. What are the top trends in cannabis business SEO?
    2. What tactics of promotion you will include in your marketing mix?
    3. What are the weaknesses, pros & cons of the competitors` website, and how to transform it into the pros on your CBD website?
  5. Make some drafts of your conclusions.

Step #2 – Analyze Your Target Audience

Second, you have to analyze the target audience. The analysis of a target audience is a structured process, which includes the gathering of data about the people, that most likely will visit your website.  For this purpose, you can use a wide diversity of tools for website analysis (for instance, Google Analytics).

You will have to determine what is the age of the target audience, what is their sex, nation, etc. And the main point: what is the purpose of visit to your CBD websites? Most likely, the visitor is interested in buying cannabis. And in this point, you should consider what will motivate the visitor to buy cannabis on your website rather than competitors. 

Step #3 – Choose Your Website Structure And Hierarchy

Third, you have to choose your website structure and hierarchy. And that’s the moment when market research comes into play. Look and analyze the SEO website structure and design of your contestants. 

Nonetheless, cannabis SEO optimization isn’t the only thing to bear in mind making the structure of your design. You should consider creating a sitemap, simple navigation, categorizing, etc. It will be useful to sustain a structure of URL and link the pages of your CBD website.

Step #4 – Choose A URL Structure

Fourth, you have to decide on a URL structure. However, how to create a good URL structure for your cannabis business? We prepared some useful tips:

  • Make a short and relevant URL using the lead keyword. If the URL consists of a few words, use hyphens to separate them. Don’t use the stop words in your URL.
  • Use relevant, high-quality, and unique images for your website.
  • Remember to follow the standard structure of the uniform resource locator.

Step #5 – Create A Sitemap

Fifth, create a sitemap for your CBD website. The HTML sitemap is a system, that keeps the structure of the site organized. Google uses a sitemap to identify websites, so, you should consider how to develop your sitemap. There is nothing hassle in this deal, just follow our recommendations:

  • Look at the content on the pages of your website and how it is structured. So. make a complete review of the pages and see the structure of each page.
  • Code the URL.
  • Use a validator tool to validate a code of your ULR.
  • Integrate the created sitemap to the root.
  • Finally, lodge the sitemap.


So, you already know how to plan a perfect website structure for your cannabis website. You should always care about SEO friendly website structure, compare your website with competitors and update the website structure for SEO

Planning the perfect CBD website SEO & structure for CBD business requires a systematic approach. It involves market research, analysis of the target audience, deciding on a website structure & hierarchy, making an efficient URL, and creating a sitemap. We insist on having a consultation with specialists to choose the most efficient way of structuring your business and creating the best website structure for SEO.

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